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Freitag, 16.12.2011 | Walter Eucken Institut New Frontiers in Normative Economics: Towards Behaviorally Informed Policy Making


Walter Eucken Institut, Goethestraße 10, 79100 Freiburg


16. Dezember 2011

Robert Sugden: The Behavioral Economist and the Social Planner: To Whom Should Behavioral Welfare Economics Be Addressed?

Discussant: Gerhard Wegner

Daniel Hausman: Why Satisfy Preferences?

Discussant: Max Albert

Michael Wohlgemuth: Is there a paradox of a Hayekian Paternalist?

Nathan Berg: Inconsistency Pays: Beyond 'As-If' Behavioral Economics and its Commitment to Narrow Neoclassical Norms

Discussant: Christian Schubert

Open Floor Discussion on Soft Paternalism Primings by Wolfgang Kerber and Jan Schnellenbach

17. Dezember 2011

Ulrich Witt: The Evolution of Consumer Behavior and the Problem of Reaching Sustainability

Discussant: Karolina Safrazynska

Dan Haybron: Normative Foundations for Well-being Policy

Discussant: Johannes Hirata

Martin Binder: Altruism, Happiness, and Public Policy

Discussant: Christopher Boyce

Viktor Vanberg: Darwinian Paradigm, Cultural Evolution, and Human Purposes

Discussant: Heike Walterscheid