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Research Group Lead History of Economic Thought Dr. Daniel Nientiedt

E-Mail: nientiedt@eucken.de

Telefon: +49-761-7909719

Twitter: @dnientiedt

Research focus:
  • Public Choice and Constitutional Economics
  • History of economic thought

Daniel Nientiedt is a research group leader at the Walter Eucken Institut. Prior to that he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Economics at New York University and a research fellow at the Center for the History of Political Economy at Duke University.

His research interests include Public choice, Constitutional economics and the history of economic thought.


1. The Renaissance of Ordoliberalism in the 1970s and 1980s

to be published in: Constitutional Political Economy (with TIM KRIEGER).

2. Was Walter Eucken a Proponent of Authoritarian Liberalism?

Public Choice 195 (3-4), 2023, pp. 363-376 (with EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).


3. Menger’s Account of the Origin of Money as a Case Study in the Evolution of Institutions

Review of Austrian Economics 36 (2), 2023, pp. 205-215.


4. Hayekian Economic Policy

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 204, 2022, pp. 457-465 (with LARS P. FELD).
Revised version of: Freiburg Discussion Papers on Constitutional Economics No. 22/01.


5. F. A. Hayek and the World of Tomorrow: The Principles of International Federalism

Cosmos and Taxis 10 (11-12), 2022, pp. 97-103.


6. German Ordoliberalism and Value Freedom: The Case of Walter Eucken

History of Political Economy 54 (4), 2022, pp. 785-799.


7. The German Anti-Keynes? On Walter Eucken’s Macroeconomics

Journal of the History of Economic Thought 43 (4), 2021, pp. 548-563 (with LARS P. FELD and EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).


8. Hayek’s Treatment of Legal Positivism

European Journal of Law and Economics 51 (3), 2021, pp. 563-576.


9. Metaphysical Justification for an Economic Constitution? Franz Böhm and the Concept of Natural Law

Constitutional Political Economy 30 (1), 2019, pp. 114-129.


10. Die Europäische Währungsunion aus traditioneller und moderner ordnungsökonomischer Perspektive

ORDO 69, 2018, pp. 65-84 (with LARS P. FELD and EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).


11. The Muthesius Controversy: A Tale of Two Liberalisms

History of Political Economy 49 (4), 2017, pp. 607-630 (with EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).


12. Liberalism and democracy – a comparative reading of Eucken and Hayek

Cambridge Journal of Economics 40(6), 2016, pp. 1743-1760 (with EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).


13. Ordoliberalism, Pragmatism and the Eurozone Crisis: How the German Tradition Shaped Economic Policy in Europe

European Review of International Studies 2(3), 2015, pp. 48-61 (with LARS P. FELD and EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).
Revised and shortened version of: CESifo Working Paper No. 5368, May 2015; Freiburg Discussion Papers on Constitutional Economics No. 15/4.


1. Freiheit, Staat und Sozialismus

The Collected Works of Walter Eucken Vol. II.3, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2023, XVIII+339 pages (with VIKTOR J. VANBERG and UWE DATHE).

1. Examining the Ordoliberal Tradition in Classical Liberal Thought

to be published in: Richard A. Epstein, Mario J. Rizzo and Liya Palagashvili (Eds.), Routledge Handbook on Classical Liberalism, Routledge, New York 2024 (with LARS P. FELD).

2. Demografischer Wandel und Alterssicherung

in: Ständige Deputation des Deutschen Juristentages (Eds.), Verhandlungen des 73. Deutschen Juristentages, Band II/1: Sitzungsberichte – Referate und Beschlüsse, C. H. Beck, Munich 2023, pp. L9-L22 (with LARS P. FELD).

3. Classical Liberalism: Market-Supporting Institutions and Public Goods Funded by Limited Taxation

in: Robert F. van Brederode (Ed.), Political Philosophy and Taxation: A History from the Enlightenment to the Present, Springer, Singapore 2022, pp. 135-150 (with CHARLES DELMOTTE).


4. Der Ordoliberalismus: Begriff, historische Entwicklung und gegenwärtige Debatte

WiSt – Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium 51 (4), 2022, pp. 26-30 (with TIM KRIEGER).

5. Gustav von Schmoller

in: Alain Marciano and Giovanni Battista Ramello (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Springer, New York 2019, pp. 1845-1847.


6. The “Dark Ages” of German Macroeconomics and Other Alleged Shortfalls in German Economic Thought

in: Thorsten Beck and Hans-Helmut Kotz (Eds.), Ordoliberalism: A German Oddity?, CEPR Press, London 2017, pp. 41-50 (with LARS P. FELD and EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).
Revised and shortened version of: Freiburg Discussion Papers on Constitutional Economics No. 17/03.

7. Michel Foucault: Die Geburt der Biopolitik

in: Karen Horn (Ed.), Verlockungen zur Unfreiheit, Verlag Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zurich 2015, pp. 107-110.

1. Prinzipien der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft

study on behalf of Gesamtmetall, September 2023, 33 pages (with LARS P. FELD).

2. Erfolgsfaktoren der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft

study on behalf of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, October 2020, 15 pages.


3. Reformbedarf im System der Alterssicherung

study on behalf of the Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft, June 2020, 27 pages (with LARS P. FELD).


4. Ordnungspolitische Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung  

study on behalf of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, May 2016, 71 pages (with LARS P. FELD, ANNABELLE DOERR and EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).

1. Paul Lewis (Ed.), The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek, Vol. 18: Essays on Liberalism and the Economy

University of Chicago Press, Chicago 2022, History of Economic Ideas 30 (3), 2022, pp. 176-178.

2. Steven G. Medema, The Economics Book: From Xenophon to Cryptocurrency, 250 Milestones in the History of Economics

Sterling, New York 2019, ORDO 71, 2020, pp. 424-426 (with STEFAN KOLEV).


3. David M. Levy and Sandra J. Peart, Escape from Democracy: The Role of Experts and the Public in Economic Policy

Cambridge University Press, New York 2017, Journal of the History of Economic Thought 40 (3), 2018, pp. 433-434.


4. Stefan Kolev, Neoliberale Staatsverständnisse im Vergleich

Lucius & Lucius, Stuttgart 2013, History of Economic Ideas 23 (2), 2015, pp. 223-225.

1. Hayek and Schmitt on the “Depoliticization” of the Economy

unpublished manuscript 2022.


2020 Dr. rer. pol. Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

2013 Diplom-Volkswirt, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Academic positions

Since 09/2022 Research group lead, Walter Eucken Institut Freiburg

10/2020 – 08/2022 Postdoctoral research fellow, Department of Economics, New York University

03/2020 – 09/2020 Research associate, Walter Eucken Institut Freiburg

09/2019 – 02/2020 Research fellow, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University

11/2016 – 08/2019 Research associate, Walter Eucken Institut Freiburg

10/2014 – 08/2019 Research associate, Chair for Economic Policy and Constitutional Economics, University of Freiburg, Prof. Dr. Lars P. Feld

 – 04/2019 Lectureship at the European Union Center, Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), Freiburg


American Economic Association

Classical Liberal Institute at NYU School of Law

European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET)

History of Economics Society (HES)

NOUS network for constitutional economics and social philosophy

Verein für Socialpolitik