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Das Gebäude des Walter Eucken Instituts von außen
Walter Eucken Institute Profile and History

The Walter Eucken Institute is a center of excellence for basic research on constitutional economics and ordoliberal thinking.

As an independent institution, the Institute conducts economic and social science research in the tradition of the Freiburg School of Ordoliberalism. Therefore, our main question is how our market-based competitive order can be maintained and further developed.

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We aim to bring new economic ideas and ordoliberal thinking into debates – in academia as well as in public. With activities such as lectures, conferences or our social media appearances we would like to promote a broad understanding of economic interrelationships and the social market economy.

In our studies on topics such as digitalization and migration, we show that ordoliberal thinking can provide answers to ongoing current challenges. In projects on municipal and state finances, we point out how a federal system must be designed to be competitive and build on broad citizen support.

“Good economic policy is Ordnungspolitik.”

Lars P. Feld

about the motto for which the institute has stood since it was founded

The research groups of the Walter Eucken Institute focus on three areas: 1) History of Economic Thought, 2) Behavioral Economics and 3) Economic Policy and Fiscal Policies.