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Edition Project on Walter Eucken’s collected writings

Walter Eucken, Collected Writings

Edited Uwe Dathe, Lars P. Feld, Andreas Freytag, Nils Goldschmidt and Walter Oswalt †

supported by the Walter Eucken Institut, the Aktionsgemeinschaft Soziale Marktwirtschaft and the Thüringer Universitäts- and Landesbibliothek Jena

This edition brings together the most important writings and works of Walter Eucken (1891-1950). In addition to the monographs and essays, the letters, diaries and unpublished writings from the estate are edited for the first time. Where available, the texts are printed in the last authorized version. Each volume contains a text index in which the version on which the reprint is based, any previous versions, and their editing and translation history are presented, a detailed introduction by the volume editors, and an index of persons and subjects.

I. Monographien

Band I/1 Theoretische Nationalökonomie

Editors: Lars P. Feld, Nils Goldschmidt and Harald Hagemann.

Band I/2 Die Grundlagen der Nationalökonomie

Editors: Lars P. Feld and Nils Goldschmidt.

Band I/3 Grundsätze der Wirtschaftspolitik

Editors: Lars P. Feld, Andreas Freytag and Nils Goldschmidt.

Band I/4 Kapitaltheoretische Untersuchungen

Editors: Lars P. Feld and Ekkehard A. Köhler.

II. Kleinere Schriften

Band II/1 Widerstand und Nachkriegsordnung

Editors: Nils Goldschmidt, Karen Horn and Stefan Kolev.

Band II/2 Wissenschafts- und Wirtschaftstheorie

Editors: Uwe Dathe, Nils Goldschmidt, Daniel Nientiedt and Walter Oswalt.

Band II/3 Freiheit, Staat und Sozialismus

Editors: Viktor J. Vanberg, Daniel Nientiedt and Uwe Dathe.


Band II/4 Geld und Währung

Editors: Lars P. Feld and Ekkehard A. Köhler.

Band II/5 Zins und Kapital

Editors: Lars P. Feld and Ekkehard A. Köhler.

III. Briefe und Tagebücher

Band III/1 Briefe 1907 – 1932

Editors: Uwe Dathe and Walter Oswalt.


Band III/2 Briefe 1933 – 1945

Editors: Uwe Dathe and Walter Oswalt.

Band III/3  Briefe 1945 / 46 – 1950

Editors: Uwe Dathe and Walter Oswalt.

Band III/4 Tagebücher

Editors: Uwe Dathe and Walter Oswalt.