I. Contributions to refereed journals

  1. Working in the Shadow: Survey Techniques for Measuring and Explaining Undeclared Work, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (to be published, with LARS P. FELD and KATHARINA PFEIL).

II. Short publications and brochures

  1. Fakten statt Stimmungslage – Update zum Malteser Migrationsbericht 2021, report on behalf of the Malteser Deutschland,Cologne, May 2022 (with LARS P. FELD and KATHARINA PFEIL).

III. Working Papers

  1. You Don’t Need an Invoice, Do You? An Online Experiment on Collaborative Tax Evasion, Freiburger Discussionpapers on Ordnungsökonomik No. 22/6, Walter Eucken Institut, Freiburg, June 2022 (with KATHARINA PFEIL).
  2. Do Household Tax Credits Increase the Demand for Legally Provided Services? (with ANNABELLE DOERR and SARAH NECKER).