Macroenonomics and Finance

The fiscal disruptions in the wake of the Great Recession and the Euro crisis have painfully reconfirmed that public debt can abruptly turn into a heavy burden The looming threat of sovereign debt default has raised the questions of fiscal sustainability and adequate measures to alleviate public deficits in many countries throughout the world. These issues are particularly urgent since new challenges for public finances arise from demographic changes. In addition, fiscal policy is not without relevance for the success in the international competition for mobile factors of production. Thus, the Walter Eucken Institute is committed to empirical research in the areas of fiscal sustainability and fiscal institutions. In addition, the scientists at the Walter Eucken Institute deal with questions concerning the relation between fiscal policy and competitiveness and the appropriate structure of the state for a successful federal competition.


  • Leistungsmessung von Politikern – Ein ökonomisches Feldexperiment, research project supported by Julius von Gleichenstein (EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).
  • Ökonomische Wirkungen vertikaler Finanztransfers – Eine empirische Analyse für Deutschland mit dem Fokus auf die öffentliche Investitionstätigkeit, research project No. 033/17 on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (HEIKO T. BURRET, YANNICK BURY, LARS P. FELD and EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER).
  • Untersuchung der Grundlagen zu Ratingerfordernissen und der Durchführung von Bonitäts- und Solvenzanalysen für die deutschen Kommunen, project on behalf of the Fedafin AG St. Gallen (YANNICK BURY and LARS P. FELD).
  • Malteser Migrationsbericht 2019 (HEIKO T. BURRET, LARS P. FELD, PATRICK HIRSCH and KATHARINA PFEIL)
  • Empirische Untersuchungen zu Fehlanreizen im bundesstaatlichen Finanzausgleich (HEIKO T. BURRET, LARS P. FELD and YANNICK BURY)
  • Politökonomische Effekte föderaler Finanzbeziehungen (YANNICK BURY, LARS P. FELD and EKKEHARD A. KÖHLER

Current Publications