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The Walter Eucken Institut follows the tradition of the Freiburg School of Economics and is a center of excellence in the advancement of fundamental research in political and constitutional Economics, as well as Institutional Economics.  The purpose of our organization is to produce research that informs citizens about the means of implementation of a competitive order that guarantees freedom of choice in the economy and in the polity. To achieve this, we use the analytical toolbox of an economic approach incorporating methodological and normative individualism, and providing the results of current research in this field available to the broad public.

The traditional ordo liberal approaches of the Freiburg School, the more evolutionary oriented economics of Friedrich A. von Hayek and the modern Constitutional Economics in the tradition of James M. Buchanan conjointly inspire the research undertaken at the Walter Eucken Institut today. We perceive it as our “task” to develop and extend these traditions in economic thought by applying the most up to date methods in empirical and theoretical research. This allows the institute to counsel policy-makers and the general public on a wide range of current political issues.  But modern Constitutional Economics also enable us to give advice on more fundamental institutional questions, such as the rules governing European integration, or constitutional limits to the scope of day-to-day fiscal policy-making. Our policy advice is always guided by a thorough theoretical analysis and the most current empirical results.

It is our aim to help citizens and policymakers in identifying and implementing those institutions that facilitate openness to competition, and extend the scope of individual choice in the economy as well as the polity.


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