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– Center of Excellence in Political and Constitutional Economics 

The Walter Eucken Institute continues the tradition of the Freiburg School of Economics in analyzing the evolution of economic, social and political institutions, and their impact on the market process, as well as processes of political decision-making.

The Institute’s research agenda firmly adheres to the principles of methodological and normative individualism. We work both with theoretical approaches in order to produce testable hypotheses, and to test theoretical hypotheses with modern empirical techniques. We utilize our scientific experience to counsel policy-makers and citizens on economic policies and political and institutional reform measures.  

Following this agenda, the Walter Eucken Institute has established itself as a leading center for the advancement of research in the fields of Public Choice and Constitutional Political Economy, with a focus on applied research in policy areas such as public finances, fiscal federalism, direct democracy, the implementation of economic reform policies, and, monetary and fiscal policy.  

Throughout our research agenda, we put particular emphasis on the preservation and extension of rules, institutions and policies that protect and enhance citizen and consumer sovereignty. 

Job offer: PhD position in Microeconomics

We invite applications for a PhD position (75-100%) (Wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiter(in)). The contract will start in spring 2017. Further information can be found here.

Article by Lars P. Feld, Christoph M. Schmidt, Isabel Schnabel and Volker Wieland

"Divergence of liability and control as the source of over-indebtedness and moral hazard in the European Monetary Union"

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September 2015

Survey on public debt

Sustainability of German Fiscal Policy and Public Debt: Historical and Time Series Evidence for the Period 1850-2010

From Heiko T. Burret, Lars P. Feld and Ekkehard A. Köhler.

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