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Freiburg Tradition

Ordoliberalism and Ordnungspolitik – A brief explanation

by Viktor J. Vanberg

In the debate surrounding the Eurozone crisis, “Germany’s rule-based legal approach”  has become a target of criticism by many of its European partners. Searching for the reason or “ideology” behind this approach, a number of commentators have pointed to the lasting influence of Ordoliberalism, exemplified by titles such as “The Long Shadow of Ordoliberalism: Germany’s Approach to the Euro Crisis”  or “Of Rules and Order – Germany’s Ordoliberalism has had a big influence on policy during the Euro crisis.”
The purpose of this little booklet is to  offer a brief introduction into the tradition of Ordoliberalism, its roots in the so-called Freiburg School, and the rationale behind the concept of Ordnungspolitik that is at the core of this tradition.

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Nils Goldschmidt und Michael Wohlgemuth (Ed.).
Grundtexte zur Freiburger Tradition der Ordnungsökonomik
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