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Walter Eucken Research Seminar

Seit dem Sommersemester 2015 gibt es das Walter Eucken Institut Research Seminar, zu dem wir alle Interessierten herzlich einladen. Wir erwarten spannende Vorträge von jungen, ambitionierten Wissenschaftlern und freuen uns auf anregende Diskussionen.

Research Seminar im Sommersemester 2017

• 12. Juni 2017, 11 Uhr
Dr. Reinhard Schumacher (Universität Potsdam): The life of Carl Menger: New Insights into the Biography of the Father of Austrian Economics
Veranstaltungsort: Walter Eucken Institut, Goethestraße 10, 79100 Freiburg

Abstract: Nearly one hundred years after Carl Menger’s death, comparable little is known about his life, even though he was one of the most influential economists and founder of the Austrian school of economics. Based on three hitherto unknown or unexamined sources, we will try to close this gap. These sources consist first and foremost of the draft of a biography by Carl Menger’s son, Karl Menger. He had spent the last years of his life writing a biographical account about his father, which he did not finish before his death in 1985. However, he left behind drafts of several chapters. Second, we use Carl Menger’s diaries and personal papers, which are part of the Carl Menger Papers at Duke University. Third, we include contemporary newspaper articles that report on events in Carl Menger’s life. Based on these sources, we give a new insight into the life, thought and political views of Carl Menger.


• 30. Januar 2017, 11 Uhr WIRD VERSCHOBEN
Simon Jäger (Harvard University, USA)

• 05. Dezember 2016, 11 Uhr
Willem Sas (KU Leuven, Belgien): Accountability and subnational tax autonomy: when do politicians lose fiscal interest?

• 20. Juni 2016
Agne Kajackaite (Universität Köln): Lying Costs and Incentives

• 6. Juni 2016
Dr. Andreas Steinmayr (LMU München): Is Information Important for Immigrant Integration? Short-term Effects of a Randomized Evaluation of Pre-departure Training for Migrants

• 08. Februar 2016
Prof. Dr. Loukas Balafoutas (Universität Innsbruck): The Economics of Credence Goods: Evidence From the Lab and the Field

• 18. Januar 2016
Arne Warnke (ZEW Mannheim): Creativity is Different: Comparing Rewards Across a Creative and a Routine Task

• 16. Dezember 2015
Dr. Wolf Heinrich Reuter (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien): Fiscal Reaction Functions in the EU – Does a "Correct" Econometric Modelling Approach Exist?

• 7. Juli 2015
Dr. Franziska Tausch (MPI for Research on Collective Goods Bonn): Endogenous Institutional Choice – Status Quo and Framing Effects 

• 08. Juni 2015
JProf. Dr. Christoph Trebesch (LMU München): A Distant Mirror of Debt, Default, and Relief

• 12. Mai 2015
Dr. Fabian Pätzel (Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg): Social Identity and Deservingness Perceptions: An Experimental Study

• 19. Januar 2015
Dr. Erwin Dekker (Erasmus University Rotterdam): The Viennese Students of Civilization

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