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Walter Eucken Institut at 60 years (1954 – 2014)

The Walter Eucken Institute has coined the public debate on economic policy of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1954. Today, Walter Eucken (1891-1950) is widely known as the spiritual father of the German Social Market Economy. However, the main ideas of Eucken and his colleagues of the Freiburg School of Economics – a framework of constitutional rules that safeguard economic freedom, open markets, rule of law at a high degree of individual liability – have been superimposed by other ideals.

Due to this reason, the Eucken Institute explores the question if the economic system is sustainable. Should it be reformed? Which development perspectives are there?

With outstanding lectures and symposia, which you will be informed promptly, we stand up for the Eucken’s initial idea of the social market economy.  


  • January 16th, 2014
    Celebratory Speech by the Federal President Joachim Gauck

  • Januar 17th, 2014
    Die Zukunft der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft – Ordnungspolitische Perspektiven

  • February 4th, 2014
    Constantin von Dietze: Agrarwissenschaftler - Nationalökonom - Christ - Widerstandskämpfer
    Lecture by Dr. Uwe Dathe, Jena University

  • Februar 25th, 2014
    Gibt es Grenzen des Wachstums?
    Lecture by Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Karl-Heinz Paqué, Magdeburg University

  • February 28th – March 1st, 2014
    Germany's Catch-Up Development, from Limited to Open Access to Political and Economic Organizations and Competition
    International internal Workshop

  • March 10th, 2014
    Europäische Bankenunion – Allheilmittel oder Haftungsfalle
    Lecture by Prof. Dr. Uwe Blaurock

  • March 12th, 2014
    Der Arbeitsmarkt in der wirtschaftspolitischen Beratung des Sachverständigenrates
    Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Wolfgang Franz, ZEW Mannheim

  • May 30th/31st, 2014
    The future of Political Economics
    International, internal conference

  • June 25th, 2014
    The economic constitution between law and God 
    Prof. Dr. Harold James, Princeton University, USA

  • July 24th, 2014
    13th Walter-Eucken-Vorlesung
    Winfried Kretschmann, MdL, Minister-President of the State of Baden-Württemberg

  • September, 2nd 2014
    Zur Zukunft der Europäischen Banken- und Währungsunion – In remembrance of Alfred Herrhausen
    With Jürgen Fitschen

  • Wirtschaftspolitische Steuerung in der EU und der Eurozone  nach der Eurokrise
    Dr. Olaf Prüßmann, European Council Brussels

  • November 10th, 2014
    Hayek Lecture by Prof. Dr. Allan H. Meltzer, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (USA)

  • November 24th, 2014
    Presentation of the Annual Report 2014/2015 of the German Council of Economic Experts
    Prof. Dr. Lars P. Feld

  • November 27th/28th, 2014
    Zur Heterogenität ordoliberalen Denkens 1930–1960
    Conference with the Economic History Department at the London School of Economics

  • November 27th–29th, 2014
    Interdisciplinary Workshop Institutional Economics

  • December 4th/5th
    Conference of the students of Bruno Frey and their Associates
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